meditationI read an interesting article recently from WIRED called Enlightenment Engineer. Seems it’s not just Google who is utilizing meditation in the work place to boost productivity. As the tagline on the article reads, “Meditation and mindfulness are the new rage in Silicon Valley. And it’s not just about inner peace — it’s about getting ahead.”

Here is a link to read the entire article – well worth your time in my opinion:

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to increase your productivity and decrease your stress level. Just because I no longer “work for the man”, doesn’t mean stress disappeared. Running my own business creates a whole new level of stress – albeit I wouldn’t trade it for a job ever again. Many of you face the same situation. Even good stress, like having lots of business, can take it’s toll on your body and mind.

So – meditation in the workplace. The idea has always fascinated me – yet the actual practice of it has eluded me. I’m just like Julia Roberts in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. She tries to meditate, only to find herself figuring out how she would decorate her meditation room. I’ve found that using Native American drumming helps me focus on the ‘heartbeat’ sound and keep some of the chaos at bay. I am still working on this process and I want to believe that it helps in ways the article described.

Have any of you out there had good results trying this?

What about other ways to cope with stress and get more creative?

Ritual works well for me. Of course it starts with a cup of coffee. But I make this a special treat – a ritual – the making of the cup of coffee…that first glorious sip…I savor the moment that I carry the steaming mug into my office and settle in for my day. Next I open iTunes on my computer and begin to play my favorite Native American music –full of nature sounds in the background, bird song mingles with flutes. As the music begins to play I pull out my incense sticks, light one and set it in the nearby holder.

All of this is done with presence of mind and delighting in the fact that I can set the mood of my office space…the soothing music…the scent of sandlewood in the air…the trees and birds outside my window. My mind knows this ritual and knows it’s time to focus on work and that I’m allowed to be creative in this space and time.

What rituals do you employ in your day to stay unstressed and focused?