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Here at Media Fastlanes we’re all about helping clients follow their dreams. Perhaps you are starting a new career of your own design, or restructuring your current business to better adapt to the new online landscape. Our mission is to support you and help you achieve your vision by creating your online presence—so the world can find you.

We’ve chosen to use WordPress because it is extremely user-friendly and well-supported (it’s the #1 most used Content Management System in the world). Our goal is to empower our clients with the ability to monitor and maintain your own website, if you so desire. Using WordPress has allowed us to create a personalized training program, which we offer to all our clients, so you can be confident in using your website. Gone are the days when you had to be tethered to the website designer for every change you wanted to make.

On the other hand, for those who don’t want to maintain their own site, we offer maintenance programs and support at reasonable prices.

We believe each client is an individual with different needs and we tailor the website and support to those needs. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to play a part in following your dream.

Our Team

Indy Quillen

Customer Service and Training Instructor

In 2008 I accepted the fact that I alone could change my future. I realized I had the unique opportunity to find fulfilling work—something that fed my soul—not just a bank account. I could have a career that allowed me to give back to people and help them find their dreams as well. I left corporate America and founded Media Fastlanes and have enjoyed helping others follow their dreams and change their lives. I hope you’ll allow me to help you do the same.


Michael “Q” Quillen

Web Developer and Technical Support

Goal, Empowerment, Achievement, Success… those are the fundamental values that I was taught as a young boy, and what fuels the fire inside me each day. Whether it is training for century bicycle rides, or a new computer language, I am always looking for that new challenge, pushing myself to a higher level. Success is the only option. Most importantly, I enjoy being able to take my personal mantra and assist others in creating their own success story.

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