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How Media Fastlanes Came to Be...

About Media Fastlanes

Are you one of the many peo­ple strug­gling to find your way in this new eco­nomic world? Start­ing a new career—of your own design? Learn­ing to tra­verse the online land­scape? Re-inventing yourself?

Our mis­sion is to encour­age you to dream, help you set goals to achieve your vision, and give you the tools to achieve those goals.

Wel­come aboard and take com­fort in the fact that you are not alone. We can help you find your way—because we’ve had to do the same thing.

Our Skills

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Meet Indy

About IndyWhen Indy Quillen found her­self one-of-many to lose her twenty-plus career in 2008, she knew she hadn’t done any­thing wrong to deserve it. But rather than feel the vic­tim and believe she had no con­trol over her fate, Indy accepted the fact that she alone could change her future…that she had to make changes to survive.

“I real­ized that I now had the unique oppor­tu­nity to find ful­fill­ing work—something that fed my soul—not just a bank account. Some­thing that allowed me to give back to peo­ple by shar­ing the wealth of infor­ma­tion and expe­ri­ence I had gar­nered over the years.”

It was while Indy researched how to use social media to mar­ket her writ­ing (she also writes nov­els) that she dis­cov­ered The Need. Oth­ers wanted to learn more about social media, but didn’t have the hours to devote to learn­ing how use it effec­tively and time effi­ciently. Indy then fig­ured out how to fill that need as a Social Media Strate­gist, and founded Media Fast Lanes.

Basi­cally she cre­ated her own new career… And Indy wants to help you have the power to change your life as well.

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