One–On–One Training

Empowerment to Control Your Presence

One-on-One Training

Once your WordPress website/blog is created, we offer personal training on how to upload and publish your Blog and then share it on Social Media. You’ll learn how to size and place images and make changes to your pages, as well as take care of the operation and maintenance of your website.

The objective of Personal Training is to give you the knowledge and confidence to manage your own website without relying on us. Gone are the days when clients had to depend on the web developer to take care of their every need. That’s not to say some of you may prefer to have that task taken off your plate. So Media Fastlanes also offers package deals for those clients who prefer to have us take care of the maintenance of their sites, or add new pages and functions. We are here to give you the support your need, no matter how little or how much that may entail.

Topics Covered During your Private Session:


Create & Publish Blog Posts

Size & Upload Images

Share Blog Posts on Social Media

Updates to Your Website

Make Changes to Web Pages

Understanding Your Stats

We're Here to Empower You.

Let us show you how, in a private training session.