Every year, the end-of-year holidays roll around faster than the year before. And every year I think I’m going to have time to do something different – like this year. I really wanted to drive up to the mountains, and the little town of Julian, enjoy the fall colors and buy apples. Then I planned to make my famous homemade Apple Butter.

But – suddenly here we are in the first part of November – already. My client workload is full and when in the heck did I think I was going to find time to cook all weekend and make batches of apple butter – no matter that I haven’t even made the trip to purchase the apples??

The bigger problem is, that when we get busy with the holidays, we tend to make up the difference by letting some of our good business habits slide. We don’t pursue that new prospect as diligently as we normally would, we skip our networking meetings, we don’t make cold calls, we don’t do our follow-up calls…does the list sound familiar?

Two problems with this scenario.

First – when you let good habits slide by the way-side, and you get, well “out of the habit”…bad habits usually take their place. Not good. Pun intended.

Puppy sleeping in party decorations


Second – When you slough off your duties during the holidays – suddenly, when all the celebrations are over – you find yourself in the New Year – without incoming work. And January is typically not a fun time to try and get new work…even if you are lucky enough to pick up a business who has implemented their new year budget, that job will take time to finish and bill.


So DO keep to your usual good work ethics.

DON’T take the ‘easy’ way out by skipping functions and meetings to make your life a little easier. In the long run it will do more damage than you might realize.

DO take time to enjoy the festive moods and atmosphere.

DON’T ignore potential business or clients because you feel too busy.

DO make sure to enjoy the holidays with family and get re-energized. Just don’t let your business suffer for it.

How do YOU get through the holidays and keep the family and clients happy? Any tips and tricks you want to share?