Believe it or not, some times good things come in packages that are just too big. Has that happened to you? It recently happened to me.

Business was booming. New client after new client called and wanted to work with me, existing clients needed my attention and my help. I was ecstatic. Helping people and having a successful business is what it’s all about—right?

Then the stress set in. There were too many projects and too little time, on top of already existing meetings and appointments. Even my support team was overwhelmed. We worked hard, made it through, and made clients happy. Whew!

But then the back-lash hit. To accomplish everything in my path, I had given up exercise and relaxation and replaced it with relentless work and late hours. My body revolted. If I wasn’t going to pay attention to it — it was going to make sure I noticed it—or shut me down until I was forced to take care of it.

Lesson learned —the hard way.

serenity circle in sandSo what could I have done differently? We all find ourselves in these situations. Is there really a good solution?

There is.

And we should actually employ it every single day.

Take a look at these suggestions:


•Instead of plowing through a crazy, busy schedule, look at it and see what can be removed or rescheduled. What commitments can you let go? We always have good intentions of making it to everything we are invited to, but does it really serve a needed purpose? Look at what is most important for that day and stick to it— let other things go.

•Avoid trying to multi-task. I used to think I was really good at multi-tasking. But in truth all I was good at was allowing myself to be constantly distracted! None of us do our best work when we attempt to multi-task. Know your priorities for the day and focus on those tasks and nothing else, until they are finished.

•Speaking of tasks, look for the non-essential to-do items on your list. If possible, move them on your schedule to a less busy day.

•Have you made appointments that aren’t absolutely essential? Would a fifteen-minute phone call take care of the issue just as well, and avoid the driving to and from a meeting – and the gasoline?

•Do you find yourself working on a lot of little tasks, instead of the important ones? We all procrastinate. It’s easier to do the small tasks than tackling the big one. We kid ourselves that we have accomplished a lot that day – but we haven’t done the one important task that needed to be achieved. Ignore those small tasks and get the important one done. You’ll achieve more in the long run.

Look at the list above and promise yourself that you will pick at least one of these to do on a daily basis. Each week try another one.

Make this your daily habit, first thing as you start your day. If you can stick with it, you’ll find your days will be simpler…less stressed…and less rushed. It’s working for me – and I think it will help you as well.

You‘ll have time for the important things…your most important work…exercise…eating healthy…creative and relaxation time. You’ll have time for your loved ones and yourself.

 I would love to hear from you. Would you share ways you simplify your life?