The fact that Facebook is constantly changing makes it difficult for most of us to keep up with ‘what’s the latest’ and how to deal with new features.

In my own news feed I recently noticed that some posts were reappearing at the top of my news feed later the same day, even though I had “Most Recent” selected for my feed. And they weren’t promoted posts. Then I read the article below that gives us insight into Facebook’s most recent changes, called ‘Story Bumping’ and some other small changes they’ve made to the News Feed Algorithm.

Here’s the full article as posted from

Facebook Announces ‘Story Bumping’ and Other Small Changes to the News Feed Algorithm

Facebook announced a couple small changes to the way that the site decides order in News Feed: Story Bumping, which allows engaging posts you haven’t seen to be bumped up to the top of News Feed later in the day, and Last Actor, which takes into account the last 50 engagements a user has performed, and gives those users a slight bump up in News Feed ranking. Read More

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