When I first launched my Social Media business I saw so many possible directions to take it that I often felt that I stood in the center of the room, spinning around and around–never knowing where to focus my energy. I picked a plan and charged ahead.

But then I started listening…I mean really listening. Potential clients told me about their fears and frustrations. They shared with me their hopes and dreams. While working with clients on projects I listened to what struggles they faced in their business everyday.

Slowly the picture of what people really want and need became clear. I realized that I needed to change my game plan. I needed to change what I offered for services if I wanted to truly support and help my clients.

87515459Instead of trying to force my original plan to work, I embraced change.

I quickly discovered a side benefit to this attitude—it finally gave me total focus on one specific direction. Newly excited, I went to work. Everything fell into place because I knew who my clients were, and I knew what their needs were. I kept my core values in mind as I worked to create this new game plan.

The result is a business that not only offers solutions for my clients’ needs, but also gives me a career that I find fulfilling and satisfying on a personal level.

Today I am launching this new direction for Media Fastlanes and I celebrate with all of you the idea that change can be good! I hope you’ll check out all the new website pages and services available. And in the near future I’ll be adding many tips and resources.

Most of all, I hope you feel free to give me feedback, and tell me how change has helped you be successful in your life.