It’s true that while LinkedIn started out as more of a ‘resume’ online, where companies looked for employees and people looked for places to be employed, it’s gone through a major shift.

Although Linkedin still has a professional and business aura, it has become more social with its interactivity, and is an excellent venue for networking – and is still evolving

So what does that mean for you? It means that more than ever your Profile needs to shine. You need to amp up the quality and rise above all those other average profiles, the ones that all sound the same…maybe even boring!

Here are two tips that will help you stand out from the crowd.

1. When you create the tagline that goes under your name, at the top of the profile page, don’t automatically list your title or position for your job or career. That’s the easy way out. And people can read that information in your job description.

Remember that the tagline is what shows up with your name in a search. You want people to read it and be motivated to click, to view more about you.

So put some thought into it. What is it that you actually DO for your clients or customers? Here’s an example (I’m using my own profile because I don’t want to single out someone else) to help you get into the correct mindset:

Example 1: This is the typical type of tagline you will see on most LinkedIn profiles. You can read this same information in the job description section. It doesn’t really tell you what I do.

LinkedIn Profile tagline


Example 2: How much more interesting is this next example of a tagline? Do you have a clearer sense of what Indy Quillen does? Does it help you understand how she might be of service to you?

LinkedIn Profile tagline revised

2. Many LinkedIn profiles don’t take advantage of the “Summary” feature. And if they do, they tend to simply list ‘what they do’. It’s usually a repeat of their job or career description. Why not take advantage of this additional ‘advertising’ space to let the readers know more about you?

Make your Summary different. The trick is to write with your readers in mind…you know…the people you hope are checking out your profile…potential clients…or employers. Share something with the reader that they can relate to, such as: what you’ve been through to get where you are, obstacles you’ve overcome that they might also be facing, specifics about why you offer your services or products. In other words, don’t just spell out in greater detail what you do – that got covered in other sections of your profile – this is where you get to shine – show why you are different and find an emotional connection with your reader.

Here’s are some more examples to help you get going:

Example 1: this is the typical style of Summary you will see on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Summary standard


Example 2: How much more interesting is this summary? Does this flesh out the person and give you some insight into how Indy views the world? Does it help you feel a connection to Indy?

LinkedIn Summary revised

Don’t let this intimidate you. If you don’t feel comfortable writing the summary yourself, get someone to help you. It’s that important!

Yes – it takes time and hard work to fill out your profile in a complete and thoughtful fashion. Is it worth it? What do you think?