Man working at deskMost of us have the same challenge in life when it comes to working exercise into our daily routines – it’s the first thing to get dropped as we get busy. Right?

You might think that because I work in a home office I have so much more freedom to take time out for myself. But I’ve found the opposite to be true. – and I’m sure most of you in the same situation have this similar experience.

Because I happen to enjoy the work I do for my clients, I tend to work longer hours without taking those much-needed breaks. When I worked for a company, I couldn’t wait to take my lunch break and take my walk outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air. But now my home office gives me open windows with ocean breezes and a view of tree tops. Sounds wonderful – and it is. But there isn’t much incentive to ‘get out of the office’ now. Especially when I have a full plate of client work staring at me.

So when I stumbled upon this video by SteadyStrength, I got excited. Here are exercises that I can do while I’m still working at my desk. I followed the instructions and couldn’t believe how revived and energized I felt from just doing the demo. And most of these can be done in a business office atmosphere as well.

Woman exercising at desk

Does this replace a full workout? Of course not. But it does allow our body to get the circulation moving again and stretch those muscles to keep them flexible and give us new focus on the work at hand.

I hope you’ll find this as helpful as I did!