Part III listed all the No No’s of Networking, and gave you a list of ‘Don’t’s’ to avoid.

We examined the pitfalls that can trap you while attending a networking event, and how to avoid them or extract yourself from them.

So it’s only fair that I follow that up with a list of Do’s for networking – you know the Yin to the Yang thing.

Remembering all that we’ve discussed so far in Networking–A Compliment to Social Media and Networking–Rules of Engagement, let’s look at some of the Do’s important to remember when networking.

Do set a goal or purpose before attending the networking event.

Do remember that your attitude is what people you meet will remember about you. Having positive energy and an eagerness to know more about someone creates a lasting memory.

Do be curious about people. Get to know them and what they do.

Do ask for a follow up and ask how best to do that. And make sure you DO IT! This shows the prospect how you work and how reliable you are!

Do show sincerity and genuine interest in people. Give them a reason to trust you.

Do extract yourself from lengthy conversations that don’t serve you any purpose, and move on to ones that do.

Do understand that people will judge you by your handshake–whether that is fair or not–it’s a fact of life. Make sure you are making a good first impression.

Do be an advocate for your prospect and client. You are selling “trust” in whatever you do or sell. The client must know that you are going to take care of them.

Do believe that YOU are the BRAND. You must understand what it is you have to offer, what makes you different from others, and the commitment you are making to your client about what you will do for them.

Do help your client to believe that you can help them, and that they can accomplish the task successfully.

Do try to have fun!

Watch for Networking Part V – The Follow Up. The most important part!