A Blog traffic SignI admire those of who come up with the cutest, snappiest and wittiest titles for your blogs. You know who you are. You could write about going to the grocery store and make it witty.

Yeah, I admit it – I struggle when it comes to captions and titles. I’m one of those people who always think of something clever to say about 15 minutes after the conversation is over.

But the folks over at WordPress have some great advice and tips for crafting a title that will help you make sure that your blog stands out and gets noticed among the millions of other blogs out there everyday. I’ve talked about this before in my workshops, but I believe in constantly reading what others have to say on this subject. We’re always learning – right?

I suggest that you take a look as well – read their article about being original, learning from the masters, how to lead with the end in mind, and understanding how Social Media sees your titles. Good Stuff!

And of course I’d like to hear what you do to make your blog stand out and get noticed.