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Keeping up with Today’s Online World

In today’s online world, trying to keep up with the ever evolving changes in Social Media and Online Marketing can make your head spin. Of course the Internet also gives you an almost endless supply of advice, which in itself can be daunting to sort through.

I’ll do my best to pass along great information and viable resources as I discover them. Hopefully you will find it helpful for staying on top of changes, and have more time to take care of your business. Comments and questions are always welcome!

To Blog or not to Blog – Is that the Question?

During my recent workshop at Southern California Writers Conference, one of the topics discussed was why writers should not blog about “writing”. The main reason being that they need readers – not just other writers, to purchase and read their books. The goal (at the...

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Never Enough Time? Try These Tips

How many times have you enjoyed a day where your mind was sharp and focused, every task seemed effortless and you soared through the day accomplishing much more than you thought possible–only to have the very next day come crashing in like a train wreck? What...

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Timeline Tips for Facebook

I know change is not something many of you look forward to, but in this instance, I'm excited that the new Timeline Profile format offers everyone a chance to be creative and individualize your pages. Some important facts: 1.  This new “look” will only affect your...

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ABC’s of Social Media

So you have your website up and running, and maybe you even have a Blog. You set up a Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. You’ve done everything people are saying you need to do – so why are you disappointed with the results? Because–you need to also know...

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Effort versus Focused Energy

Ever find yourself working harder and harder with fewer results? I think I’m safe to say that we’ve all experienced that dilemma before. When sales volumes slide downwards, or appointments drop in frequency, do you find yourself slipping into panic mode? It’s...

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Networking Part V – The Follow Up

We’ve talked about how to choose networking events and plan your strategy in Networking Part I –A Compliment to Social Media In Networking Part II –Rules of Engagement, we discussed how to conduct yourself during the actual networking event. Networking Part III...

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Setting Goals – How Not to Fear Failure

We’ve all said good-bye to 2011 – and I think I’m safe to say that more than a few of you were probably quite happy to see it go. It’s been a tough couple of years for most of us. But it’s the start of a New Year. A time of fresh beginnings, hopes for better things to...

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Networking Part IV – Doing it Right

Part III listed all the No No’s of Networking, and gave you a list of 'Don’t’s' to avoid. We examined the pitfalls that can trap you while attending a networking event, and how to avoid them or extract yourself from them. So it’s only fair that I follow that up with a...

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Networking Part III – No No’s for Networking

In Part II–Rules of Engagement, we discussed how to engage with others during a networking event by thinking of: how we want to be remembered by those we meet. If you follow that thought process, the 'Don’t’s' below should not even rear their ugly heads. You will...

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