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Keeping up with Today’s Online World

In today’s online world, trying to keep up with the ever evolving changes in Social Media and Online Marketing can make your head spin. Of course the Internet also gives you an almost endless supply of advice, which in itself can be daunting to sort through.

I’ll do my best to pass along great information and viable resources as I discover them. Hopefully you will find it helpful for staying on top of changes, and have more time to take care of your business. Comments and questions are always welcome!

Why You Should Have a Blog – Even if No One Reads It

Remember the movie Julia & Julia? The young Julia aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's cookbook in 365 days, a challenge she shares via blogging. In the beginning she remarks that the only person reading her blog is her mother. In the end she is...

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What is a Hashtag? And how to use it with Twitter.

First – what is a Hashtag?  It is a word or combination of words with a # at the beginning, used to denote a particular topic for discussion. A hashtag allows readers to do searches for specific topics of conversation that are happening now or have happened in the...

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Setting Goals that Allow You to Succeed

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct”…from Manual of Muad'Dib by the Princess Irulan…in Dune by Frank Herbert Have you ever bravely faced a new venture…attempted to learn everything about it…but in the end thrown you...

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Social Media Blunders You Don’t Want to Make

Social Media has it’s own set of etiquette and protocol - not knowing what they are doesn’t excuse you. But we can all share knowledge and help educate each other. With that in mind, here are the top 5 most abused mistakes I see out there these days. Are you doing any...

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Embracing Change

When I first launched my Social Media business I saw so many possible directions to take it that I often felt that I stood in the center of the room, spinning around and around–never knowing where to focus my energy. I picked a plan and charged ahead. But then I...

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Facebook Promoted Posts: A Step-by Step Guide

I've used Facebook Ads for clients before and had some surprising success stories, but many people find the idea of setting up the ads and keeping track of the stats just too intimidating. That’s why this newest option from Facebook looks appealing to me. Authors and...

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A Five Minute Task – For a More Productive Day

At the end of the day, how many of you look back and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment–or do you feel that the day was “lost”? In my recent personal blog, I speak about spending the day “chasing and trying to corral the chickens”.  This happens far to often to...

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A Lesson in Gratitude – How it Improved my Business Skills

Look around at the people who are your biggest cheerleaders–always encouraging you on –believing in your eminent success. How often do you take the time to thank them? How many times do you say it with actions, instead of words? When I took the time to give back to my...

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Growing Your Audience- by Using Facebook Groups

The biggest mistake I see authors and businesses making with social media is treating it as an advertising venue. It’s not. It’s about being social. That said, there is a tremendous opportunity today to grow your readership or client base by using social media venues....

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No More Excuses!

I had just finished a grueling martial arts workout, my Sensei watching my every move, when he asked me how I felt about my performance. Trying to be completely honest I said, “I don’t feel that I performed my best, because my energy level is low today.” He gave me a...

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