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Keeping up with Today’s Online World

In today’s online world, trying to keep up with the ever evolving changes in Social Media and Online Marketing can make your head spin. Of course the Internet also gives you an almost endless supply of advice, which in itself can be daunting to sort through.

I’ll do my best to pass along great information and viable resources as I discover them. Hopefully you will find it helpful for staying on top of changes, and have more time to take care of your business. Comments and questions are always welcome!

Breaking Free of Your Comfort Zone

Maybe you desire a new position where you work. Maybe you dream of an altogether new career. Maybe your job was taken away, and you need a new source of income. Any one of these options is going to bring you to the same common struggle—breaking free of your comfort...

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Does Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out from the Crowd?

It's true that while LinkedIn started out as more of a ‘resume’ online, where companies looked for employees and people looked for places to be employed, it's gone through a major shift. Although Linkedin still has a professional and business aura, it has become more...

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Complacency – Your Worst Enemy

When everything is running smoothly, we tend to give a sigh of relief, talk about how all the hard work has finally paid off, and then do the worst thing we can do–nothing new. I hear it all the time, “I know I need to get more active on Social Media, but I just don’t...

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7 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Most of us have the same challenge in life when it comes to working exercise into our daily routines – it’s the first thing to get dropped as we get busy. Right? You might think that because I work in a home office I have so much more freedom to take time out for...

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Defining Success

If I asked you to name some people whom you consider successful, you would probably repeat names that most of us would recognize. Names of millionaires, star athletes, movie stars, best selling authors, CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. And no doubt, these people are...

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Taking Baby Steps Before We Can Run

Last week, while conducting a workshop on Blogging, I spoke about the fact that it’s important to understand we have a learning curve to get through when delving into Blogging, or any of the Social Media venues, for that matter. We need to allow ourselves the time to...

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How to Simplify Your Day

Believe it or not, some times good things come in packages that are just too big. Has that happened to you? It recently happened to me. Business was booming. New client after new client called and wanted to work with me, existing clients needed my attention and my...

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Facebook Announces Changes to News Feed

The fact that Facebook is constantly changing makes it difficult for most of us to keep up with 'what's the latest' and how to deal with new features. In my own news feed I recently noticed that some posts were reappearing at the top of my news feed later the same...

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The Forgotten Technological Wonder

Are you Taking Advantage of its Full Potential?  We Text…Email…Private Message…Tweet…Pin…Comment and communicate on all sorts of online posts and venues. Yet, far too often we forget all about a technical option that affords us the greatest of all in opportunities....

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Meditation @ Workplace = Increased Productivity

I read an interesting article recently from WIRED called Enlightenment Engineer. Seems it’s not just Google who is utilizing meditation in the work place to boost productivity. As the tagline on the article reads, “Meditation and mindfulness are the new rage in...

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